联合国太空指挥部(United Nations Space Command|UNSC)
最高机构 UNSC安全委员会(UNSC Security Committee)|UNSC安全理事会(UNSC Security Council)
UNSC防卫军(United Nations Space Command Defense Force)
最高指挥部 (High Command,简称HIGHCOM)
管理部门 Personnel Command (PERSCOM) | Unified Ground Command (UNICOM) | Special Warfare Command (SPECWARCOM) | Colonial Military Administration | UNSC Astrophysics | UNSC Medical Corps (MEDCORPS) | UNSC Engineering Corps (ENGCORP) | UNSC Test and Evaluation Corps | UNSC Ordnance Committee | UNSC采购部(UNSC Procurement)
UNSC海军(UNSC Navy) UNSC陆战队(UNSC Marine Corps) UNSC陆军(UNSC Army) UNSC空军(UNSC Air Force) 斯巴达计划(Spartan Program)
  • UNSC Army Infantry
  • UNSC Army Military Police
  • UNSC Army Logistics
其他部门 UNSC Department of Commercial Shipping|UNSC Symphony Orchestra